Monday, October 22, 2007

Adversity Reveals Character

The other day I made a post about how losing builds character. It was more of a joke, kind of a cynic point of view if you want, that reflected my disappointment because of the early fall of the NY baseball teams. They didn't make it very much further into the postseason.
The reality is as I was listening to the sports commentators this morning, that you don't prepare for losing. You prepare for winning. They were talking about the Jets, who so far had one of the worst beginnings a team can have in the NFL and then another line came across that is much better than the prior one and I kind of endorse it: Adversity doesn't build reveals it. Yes, it is in times of difficulties that we show to the world, to ourselves, what we are made of.

Enough for Sports. Let's go to another subject.

Picking stocks is an art, picking companies that perform well in the Market is hard. It can be one of the most rewarding things for your wallet too. It can be a risky game as well. But there are also things as rewarding with less risk and way more cheaper. Music for example. What could be more rewarding? And sometimes you don't even have to stress yourself too much doing the pick. Why? Because there are people out there with similar or better taste than you and me that is giving us the tips (for free) to find the good artists, the good songs, the good music.
This past weekend was a clear indicator for me of what have been a trend in the last couple of months.
Thanks to Hsin Chi I just discovered Sophie Zelmani. She's simply beautiful and amazing. Instead of using words to describe her, is better to watch her here.
or this one:

But Coumarine introduced me to Katie Melua. She really is a Jewel. I can't praise her enough:
What about this video clip:

And if it was necessary to make her posts more appealing Patricia de Souza always have songs that capture our attention. Let's see: And last but not least:

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Anonymous said...

You've had quite a weekend discovering new music. Good on you! If you've got the time, you should learn some Latin. It's difficult, but worth the trouble. And Middle English is cool also, but I only learnt it because it's my speciality. But do feel free to venture onto that long and exciting road called dead languages.
Sophie Zelmani is great, I agree wholeheartedly.