Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Abstinence Interrupted

The good thing about abstinence is to stop it, to break it. Oh yeah! And more important is when the abstinence is self imposed, not enforced from the outside; it's the result of a process of thought rather than the result of bad behavior and bad consequences. Sometimes the writing is on the wall and you can see that if you continue certain path you're not going to end well. Hey!, I can learn from others' mistakes. That's healthier than learning from mine's. But the good thing is that the body respond much better. You don't get drunk very easy and the next day you don't have a big of a headache. My abstinence that I interrupted briefly yesterday, is with alcohol. All types. It's fair to say that I like all the spirits, wines, beers and their variations too much and from not long ago I decided to change my habits and now I drink only in special occasions.
Last night it was one of those special occasions. I had a friend visiting from DR and as we used to do when I lived there we went out to an irish bar to have some drinks and talk about our favorite themes, our favorite subjects.
Of course, about Women. What else could be more important? The one's ahead (if we are lucky), the one's left behind. How we have become their slaves!
But that's a secret. They don't know it yet..

By the way, today it's another anniversary of the twin towers fall. Maybe for that reason the sky's gray, it's raining all day, and the air is heavy... uhhhhhhh! Oooooh, I'm sleepy as well...need some rest.


Baakanit said...


I like alcohol, but only in special ocassions i can't drink by myself or in my house.

"we used to do when I lived there we went out to an irish bar to have some drinks "

Do we have irish bars over there?
I know what you mean, i'm just kidding.

Good friends are usually the ones, that make us interrupt our set goals.

Take care, it's true what you say, it's been a gray day today.

Sonia T. said...

I hope that you made home ok about all that drinking, jajajajaja.

Women, always women! You guys are funny.

Yes, it was a gloomy day yesterday!

Fernando said...

@ Sonia: We guys, we are incomplete without women. Por alguna razon, women brains are better wired than men. It's not a choice. We are like that by default. Podemos negarlo, esconderlo pero no es la verdad... ;) And Yes, I made it home...

Anonymous said...

Great, I can actually read this post! Thanks for your comment and again some heart-felt thanks for helping to save the world. It's a very, very small start but hey. Everything helps.