Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bryony Gordon

Not all men are created equal. The same apply for women. There are some who are more intelligent than their congeners. For example this one Bryony Gordon got a better share in this category than the others. She surprised me positively with her wisdom, the sense of humor we find profusely spread all over her posts.
But let her speak for herself, like when she takes this unbiased position toward the opposite sex:
"Hen parties can be just as bad. It’s amazing how the IQ of us women plummets when you put us together in a room and deprive us of contact with the opposite sex".
Or, when she get an stance on women modeling: Why can't we have female role models we look up to for a reason other than the way they look?
And I totally agree with her in the Post she wrote about The Battle of the sexes.
I could go on and on....

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