Monday, January 21, 2008

Woody Allen: Cassandra's Dream


Baakanit said...

Great interview. Thanks for sharing it with us Mr. Ferdinand.
I didn't know Woody was so humble, that says a lot about him.

I enjoyed a lot the part in which he talks about his creative process. It's very similar to mine.

It was also good to hear that when he writes he goes back to the greeks, that's a good thing.

I like the fact that in the interviews of this radio station they always as the artists about their creative process. That's something you rarely see being asked on a mainstream tv or radio station. People often are more interested in gossips about the artists.

Thanks once again Fernando. You never told me if you watched Cortázar's interview. Well I don't know if you like him as a writer either, but if you do you shouldn't miss it, it is very entertaining and informative.

A pesar de su grandeza, al igual que Woody, he remained humble.

Take care

Baakanit said...


Fernando said...

It was my pleasure. Siento que no todo el mundo pueda disfrutarla. Pero esta durisimo (es muy larga y no tiene desperdicio) hacer la transcripcion o resumirla porque uno corre el riesgo de danarla.